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That first gif, holy hell!

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Machine gun don’t have s!*# against the truffle shuffle.
Just like mine! Well, mind’s almost as clean. Almost…

Just like mine! Well, mind’s almost as clean. Almost…

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MIB (Multiple Impact Bullet)

You can also check out the previous post about this ammo. (GRH)



The Multiple Impact Bullet is a unique type of bullet where three additional projectiles are tethered together by a kevlar cord. As the bullet leaves the barrel, it expands into its distinct pattern but at a maximum width of 14” which Advanced Ballistic Concepts found to be the most effective measurement for spread. They are a bit pricey at the moment; with the 12 Gauge and .45 ACP MIB’s running about $50 to $60 for a box of 10 rounds. The cost however hasn’t been much a deterrent since Advanced Ballistic Concepts has begun working on a 9mm version. (GRH)


MOSES FJ Cruiser | «Via» | Outlaw Offroad
MOSES FJ Cruiser | «Via» | Outlaw Offroad

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Russian Media: Compare and Contrast


Russian Media: Compare and Contrast

Sometimes, to illustrate Russian Information Warfare distortions, a picture works best.


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A current production Romanian AK variant being sold on the U.S market, the M10 is a definite improvement over the older, often questionable WASR series. The M10 does differ in several areas, such as the integrated front sight to gas block, a thinner profile barrel and polymer furniture. The example in the photos however has an aftermarket Archangel Opfor AK stock. It has a slightly ACR-ish appearance but does not fold to the side. (GRH)

Damn sexy AK


Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed for E3 2014